About Farmer James

Before becoming a farmer, James Gardner worked in the health care industry – primarily in physical medicine.

Throughout a robust career he came to fully understand the truth that it was better to be in shape before going into rehab than chasing health and wellness after an injury.

Living out this truth, he didn’t smoke. He didn’t drink. He exercised four to five times weekly. And he ate what he understood to be a “healthy diet.”

However, overtime he started to notice that some foods made him feel better while other just seemed to fill the empty space.

Eating beef, for example, that was raised on rich grasses, mountain streams, and clean air was not only more flavorful, but gave a surge of energy during workouts. He didn’t understand why, only that meat raised under those conditions was something that he intuitively craved. Fruits and vegetables grown in certain locations, again there was a strong pull.

Why Morganics?

Just like when you’re hungry or thirsty, you can feel when you’re mineral deficient even if you can’t exactly pinpoint what’s going on.

Over the years soil has been stripped of its mineral composition at the hand of mass farming. The organic method of farming has been presented as a solution to this deficit, but what most don’t fully understand is that a majority of soils are out of balance and “Organic” is simply a method…it is not an end result.

The idea of why we eat is at its most basic level for nutrients.

Our bodies need minerals, but in order for the food we eat to have what we need, the soil it grows in must first have minerals.

So healthy living all starts with the dirt our food grows in.

That’s why the mineral-rich, grass-fed beef tasted so much better and the fruits and vegetables from a specific region had greater flavor.

Food grown Morganically is not readily available. It’s out there, but it’s hard to find. That’s why I started growing my own and that expanded into making it available to others.